Thursday, November 23, 2006

Skapps introduction

SKAPPS ( Shottrack KMA Production Pipeline System ) Its a crazy title but it covers the functions of the software pretty well. SKAPPS is the heart of our production pipeline at KMA, we aim to chain as Much of our production software as possible to this system and vice versa.

SKAPPS is build using PHP ,MySql, Python and a bit of BASH. The philosophy of the development process is the philosophy of rapid application development. Since SKAPPS is in house software its always in a state of development we test the software as we go along..

SKAPPS is first and foremost an dateBase of Projects , Sequence and shots, Libraries and Lib-items. Along the way many other function has found its way into this system .

A Typical screen from the SKAPPS system.

Skapps consistes at the moment of 7 main modules. Each module have an collection of functions. I will try to make a list of them below.

1. The project browser
2. Asset browser
3. Project statistics
4. Render King
5 KMASGE MON ( Kma Sge Monitor)
6. Designs browser
7. User manager

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