Friday, November 24, 2006


KMASGE (KMA Sun Grid Engine) is the render manager at KMA. It uses Sun Grid Engine for the distribution.

Thanks to the XML status output from SGE 6.0 i have been able to build a SKAPPS integrated GUI using Apache-Php this interface is called KMASGE-MON.

Recently there have also been added Job-log/Job-Statistics. The statistics is not using the SGE Accounting. But instead uses a custom MySql based accounting.

For job submission, we use an interface called RK (Render King). Render king is kind of different from any job-submit interfaces i have seen. It is integrated into the SKAPPS Sequence and Shot DB and relies on the KSF (KMA Submit File) system witch gives it a number of advantages. I will try to demo the workflow for you ASAP.


Marin Petrov said...

Hey Jeppe! My name is Marin Petrov. I saw a link to your blog on Sune`s site. That Render Manager looks awesome! Congrats! Can you tell more about it ? For example - are you using MR standalones or satelites ? Do you submit jobs trough Maya or from an external application? You wrote you are using RK for that but is it a plugin in Maya or you start it independantly ? And I noticed you have 2 groups in your RFarm - one with AMDS and one with Intel. Why is that :D ? And how big is your renderfarm in your studio ?

Jeppe Walther said...

Hey Martin.
We use MayaMentalray and MayaRender for rendering. At some point we will probably start using mental ray standalone.
We submit jobs from the Render King interface.
RK is a part of SKAPPS, and is as the rest of SKAPPS build on PHP and MySql.
They way it works is thath you save the render files .mb, in the
renderScenes folder of the current shot. And press the guess pass button, then RK will make an pass for
each of the files.

As you can see on the image, there is a Global Pass. the settings in the global pass is used for all passes.
But if you want special settings for one of your passes you can set them in the specific pass.

Then you click write ksf (This writes an .ksf file to the renderScenes folder)

and second click submit ksf (This triggers a python script that reads the .ksf file and submits it to SGE)

Now all passes in the shot have been submitted to the farm, and you can now use KMASGEMON to control them.

Hope it makes sense :)

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